About the film

About the film

have you considered whats going on

Do you know what’s really going on in your organisation?

When Jane Perrin is appointed as a non-executive director at Ninebanks PLC by its egocentric chairman, Sir William Brown, she is tasked with investigating what is going on in its ‘problem division’, Leadgate. Led by a charming but hard driving chief executive, Richard Moss, Leadgate’s troubles are accumulating… poor results, a dramatic resignation, questionable accounting, claims of bullying and harassment, and a potentially serious environmental issue. But has Jane’s assignment been given in good faith or are there other motives at play? As she begins to uncover the truth, she starts to see that the root of Leadgate’s issues may lie closer to the centre of Ninebanks than anyone wishes to admit. But will she be a force for good – risking finding herself ‘out of the tent’ – or remain ‘on the team’ and potentially become part of the problem?

Was it greed or fear?

People talk a lot about greed in corporate life, but fear is far more pervasive. A lot of human behaviour is driven by anxiety and fear so it’s not a surprise that those issues also play a significant role in what happens in large organisations, yet it’s hardly touched on in business books or training.

“Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point” – C.S. Lewis.

was it greed or fear
What would you have done

What would you have done?

Born out of a desire to pass on lessons learned and a realisation that drama can be a route to very effective learning, The Testing Point is designed to provoke challenge… encouraging people with influence to challenge their own thinking and assumptions about how their organisation operates and challenging them in turn to make the people around them – the people who often know the most about what is really going on – feel safe enough to speak up about it.

The film shows us people who are at very different levels in the organisation and motivated by very different things but who are all under pressure of one kind or another – causing them to make consistently poor decisions, the consequences of which we then watch play out.

The question is what would you have done in their shoes? And how might things have turned out then?

We want organisations and educators to engage with us

The Testing Point is an entertaining drama, but it is not on general release. It has been designed for use in organisations to help people overcome the barriers that hold people back from voicing concerns at critical moments and in high pressure environments.

If you would like to know how you can see the film and use the supporting materials, please get in touch and we will discuss your needs with you.